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What are we doing now?

MMG is committed to ensuring the health and safety of each patient and staff member. 

  • For patients:


If the patient has any of the COVID-19 symptoms, we advise self-isolating immediately for about 14 days. If the patient was recently in an area that is a hotspot, they should immediately self-isolate. If they have been in contact with someone that has had COVID-19 recently, they should self-isolate. Even though the patient is self-isolated, they are welcome to schedule a tele-health appointment. 


If the patients need to come in, we recommend them not to bring anyone with them. If they do need assistance, we recommend that they bring only one person to help them out. If one person needs to come, make sure that they are 18 and older and that the person has not had any symptoms in the last 14 days. The staff would prefer if the patient scheduled their appointment as a tele-visit appointment but they do understand that if the patient has to come in, they will accommodate that for them.


In order to continue to provide healthcare services to our patients, we have added tele-health visits as an option to keep patients safe and healthy during the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic.


  • For staff:

For the staff members that can work from home, we are continuing for them to do that. For everyone else that needs to come, each staff member must be wearing a mask at all times. If a staff member has one of the symptoms, they will self-isolate at home for 14 days. There are hand sanitizer bottles everywhere around the office for staff members and patients to use.


We could not be more proud and grateful for our staff in such unsettling times! We have preemptive measures set to ensure the viability of our staff. For more in-depth information of what healthcare facilities like ours are doing at this time:

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