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A Sneeze


  (Source: The New England Journal of Medicine, April 19, 2020)



















This slo-mo sneezing video shows how a virus-infected sneeze can spray droplets up to 8 meters away – four times the recommended social distancing measure.

Understanding exactly how far droplets from sneeze travels is important to figure out the safety measures on avoiding the spread of diseases. The study shows the largest droplets rapidly settle within 1 to 2 meters away from the person. The smaller and evaporating droplets are remain suspended, and in few minutes, they can travel the dimensions of a room and land up to 6 to 8 meters away


The minimum social distancing, 2 meters/ 6.5 feet is where sneezing is not considered. Just as wearing an appropriate mask and keeping our distance as far as possible are important, researchers recommend sneezing into our elbow is an effective method for limiting the spread, as the elbow reduces how far those virus-filled droplets will travel.


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