Medical Weight Loss & Management in Manhattan, KS

Manhattan Medical Group offers personalized medical weight management for patients with chronic conditions.

We focus on helping patients adopt a healthy lifestyle and develop healthy eating habits for long-term success. 

The program includes management of your chronic conditions and your overall health and well-being by our primary care providers. It also includes medical nutrition counseling from Registered Dietitian Jordan Chen.

Together, our weight management team can evaluate your health goals and help you create a weight management plan that works for you. Those goals could include: 

  • Reducing medications for control of glucose, blood pressure and lipids

  • Reducing risk for heart attack, stroke and kidney failure

  • Increasing exercise, mobility and strength

Diabetes & Weight Management

Research shows overweight and obese patients with Type 2 diabetes can improve glycemic control and reduce the need for glucose-lowering medications with modest and sustained weight loss and lifestyle changes.  


Our weight management program is perfect for patients with diabetes who can benefit from guidance on diet and lifestyle, as well as overall care for their chronic conditions. 


Weight loss can also benefit patients with a prediabetes diagnosis and help prevent Type 2 diabetes. 


Insurance coverage varies; please contact us for details.