MMG Primary Care Doctors in Manhattan, KS

Formerly Mosier and Mosier Family Physicians, MMG Primary Care continues the tradition of providing high quality healthcare to patients of all ages.

Family Doctors Your Can Trust

Our family physicians strive to provide comprehensive patient care in the form of primary care, family medicine, women's health and chronic disease management. We emphasize preventive medicine by providing Medicare wellness exams, annual physicals, well woman exams and screenings for chronic diseases.

Our in-house lab, X-ray and ultrasound add convenient services. We accept most major insurance types.


Why do you need a primary care physician?

We encourage patients to establish care with a primary care physician so you have a single provider coordinating your medical care. Then you can get to know your medical history and your health goals for the future.


We will encourage you to schedule regular check-ups, and if needed, we will help monitor and provide guidance for managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease and more.

         Meet Our Primary Care Providers

Manhattan Medical Group's Clinic in Manhattan KS

MMG Primary Care

(formerly Mosier & Mosier Family Physicians)

2900 Amherst Ave.

Manhattan, KS 66503

Ph: 785-539-8700

Fax: 785-776-9788

Covid-19 FAQs

Do you have the Covid-19 Vaccine?


Do you know when they will be availbale?


Is there a waiting list I can be placed on to receive a vaccination?


Does Manhattan Medical Group Primary Care offer COVID-19 testing?

Yes, we do COVID-19 Rapid and Antibody testing.

Do you treat COVID-19?

No, we are not treating COVID-19 patients. If you suspect you have COVID-19, you can schedule a telehealth visit with a doctor who can help you determine if COVID-19 testing and care is needed.

Do you know who will be eligible to receive a vaccination?


What will the cost of the vaccine be?

Unknown at this time.

Will my insurance cover the vaccine?

Unknown at this time

What is the latest update on vaccine?

Information will be available as we receive them to keep our patients well informed. For more information on covid-19 vaccines, please click CDC link below;