Covid-19 Testing, Treatment & Vaccine FAQs

Do you have the Covid-19 Vaccine?


Do you know when they will be availbale?


Is there a waiting list I can be placed on to receive a vaccination?


Does Manhattan Medical Group Primary Care offer COVID-19 testing?

Yes, we do COVID-19 Rapid and Antibody testing.

Do you treat COVID-19?

No, we are not treating COVID-19 patients. If you suspect you have COVID-19, you can schedule a telehealth visit with a doctor who can help you determine if COVID-19 testing and care is needed.

Do you know who will be eligible to receive a vaccination?


What will the cost of the vaccine be?

Unknown at this time.

Will my insurance cover the vaccine?

Unknown at this time

What is the latest update on vaccine?

Information will be available as we receive them to keep our patients well informed. For more information on covid-19 vaccines, please click CDC link below;