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Nutrition Clinic in Manhattan, KS

The Nutrition Clinic offers medical nutrition counseling services for patients with a variety of medical diagnoses. These services are provided by The Nutrition Clinic’s Registered Dietitian Jordan Chen. Her office is conveniently located inside Heart and Vascular Clinics, 200 Research Drive.


Jordan received her bachelor's degree at Kansas State University in 2015 and went on to receive her Master's degree at University of Kansas Medical Center in 2017. She had clinical training at the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City before moving back to her hometown of Manhattan, Kansas.
Her specialties include weight loss, nutrition for cardiovascular disease, diabetes education, and food allergies and gastrointestinal issues.

"Thanks to Jordan's help, I have made my first goal...My Hgb AIC went from 6.4% to 6.0% and I have lost twenty pounds. My doctor was very pleased. I don't think she could really believe how successful I had been. I feel so much better...

I have completely changed my eating habits. I have clothes that fit. I can't tell you how important Jordan's guidance has been to me!" - Mary T.

Follow Jordon on Instagram @jordanchenrdn for healthy recipes.

Jordan Chen, Registered Dietitian

Jordan Chen, MS, RD, LD

Weight Loss

Have you struggled to lose weight? Are you confused by all the diet fads you hear about from friends and family?


Our registered dietitian can help you navigate weight loss by establishing a personalized plan created around your health goals. We will combine diet recommendations with exercise components from Maximum Performance to help you achieve your goals.

Diet Articles by Registered Dietitian Jordan Chen:

Cardiovascular Nutrition

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease of any kind, changing your nutrition can help.

A healthy diet and adequate physical activity are important to helping control heart disease. Our dietitian can teach you how to read food labels and add heart healthy foods to your diet.

​Heart Health Articles by Registered Dietitian Jordan Chen:

Food Allergies & GI Issues

Do you struggle to find recipes or menus that work with your food allergies or intolerances? It can be overwhelming to read food labels, decipher ingredient names and find foods that meet your dietary restrictions. 

We can help find creative strategies to start enjoying food again. If you have gastrointenstinal issues such as IBS, Celiac disease, food sensitivities, or other food-related concerns, we can help you find foods you tolerate well and develop menus and recipes that work for you. 

Diabetes Education

Living with diabetes can be difficult at times. If you're diabetic, you may benefit from learning lifestyle management techniques, nutrition tips, and ways to manage A1C more easily with our dietitian. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to a wealth of other health-related issues. Our lifestyle management approach can help make managing your diabetes easier.

Insurance Coverage

We Are In-Network Providers With:

  • Aetna Insurance

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

  • Cigna Insurance

  • Humana Insurance

  • Medicare Insurance

  • United Healthcare Insurance

  • VA & Triwest Insurance

*Individual coverage depends on person, diagnosis and services provided. Please call your insurance provider and ask if CPT codes 97802 and 97803 are covered under your insurance.

Self-pay rates are available and are due at time of service.

Physician referral may be required.

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